My friend was a good one,
His love for me was  sweet aroma,
That made me swell in pride of love,
Few days ago my friend,
Got lost in thin air.

Got lost in thin air,
For my request that he could not meet,
At the time was bedridden,
I send for him to sooth me,
He was off for picnic in Mombasa,
With the lover of His soul.

One month ago he got ill,
There was no one to sing,
A song that could sent off the pain,
Through out the nights we sat,
And prayed for the healing together,
But he,s now lost in thin air.

Am missing you my dear one,
I have nobody me to sooth, 
Where did you disappear to?
Tell me where you are now,
if i had your contact,
I would call to say goodbye


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