He has gone to meet the boss in Hilton,
Tonight they will talk in low tone,
How they will hook and torture traitors,
He will loudly praise the boss,
And have supper for the evening.

Tomorrow he will talk malice,
In favor of his good boss,
Will not accept ridicule,
Fiercely will condemn truth,
Has no regard for humanity
To have lunch for the day.

He thoughtlessly betrays his friends and thoughts,
He cares not about the results,
As long as his stomach is full,
He will sleep in comfort with no effort.

His ways aren’t straight,
Cunningly gets what he wants,
To quench his insatiable thirst,
An get to his dream destiny,
He doesn’t care about your agony.

He is an enemy of development,
And an enemy of peace,
For he delights in trouble,
He will not rest until there is unrest,
That is when he will have a story to tell the boss,

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