Mr.  Politician

I have remembered your promise,
Of taking me to promised land,
The land with tarmac roads,
The land with free education for the poor,
The land with low cost of living,
When will you honor your promise.

Five years now gone,
End of your reign is here,
You are back with new promises,
With some gifts in your hand, To woe me to vote again,
What happened my politician.

You took my money home,
To build yourself Castles,
You left my children to starve,
Because there was no food,
You had no charity in your heart.
My able politician.

Not again not again,
Am giving a try to another one,
May be he is the savior,
To feel my severe agony ,
I don’t want your gift now,
They are not useful anymore.

Good bye Mr politician,
Go home and Wait for your judgement,
You fed on your people ,
Humanity was far from you,
The gods will burn your house.
And you will perish in it.

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