Inside the bloody kingdom

Barbaric bloody leaders,

With no feeling for humanity,

But filled hunger for money,

materials and power,

surrounded by sycophancy,

By the brainwashed juniors,

To think all is well.

In their quest for power,

They smell to locate ‘thorns’in their flesh,

To stop them from destruction,

Lives are lost at their command,

But they bury their heads in the sand and send condolences.

Everyone who pursues justice is their enemy,

Therefore will be quickly eliminated,

They are daring to corrupt judges and pastors,

To sing a nice song for them.

There are constant mass actions,

Strikes and go-slows ,

But no one bothers to end them,

Painful cries from the poor,

Who can’t afford a meal and medical care,

Who will end all this,

May be God will do.


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