Work, Family or Both….

The maid must wake early to prepare John then take him to school .Mommy is too busy because she wakes late but must get to work early.

After completing house chores, the maid goes pick John from school ,there is no one to pick him. John arrives home on time and spends the rest of time with with the maid.

This house is in trouble the maid does everything until mommy has no job left therefore, she has won the heart of daddy. She spreads his bed also.

Christmas is approaching, daddy picks the maid to accompany him to the supermarket then spoils her with goodies as a reward for the good care.

John has no time with either mommy or daddy, he grows up like a weed in a fertile land because the maid cant guide him well. His parents are too busy.

Then comes a day of reckoning, Family is crumbled because daddy now has a secret affair with the maid. He claims the well of love for mommy dried up when she got busy with office work.

John on the other side is a drug addict and a thief, he claims mommy and daddy love him no more. His future is in prisons.

Who a you blaming for your wrongs?

If mommy and daddy had time for their family, they could rescue their marriage and their son John. Many find it a challenge to balance office and family but it is important.

Aggrey Juma

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