Can’t defend myself anymore

Can’t defend myself anymore,

Was a fool to betray her heart pains her more,

Her heart wishes her to show me the door,

For the pain that seers her heart tells her so,

It pains me because her trust is long gone,

Groaning within me to recall her faith back,

What can I do to prove my love for her?

I love her but can’t defend myself anymore.


Thank You

I came to say thank you for who you are,

Thank you for what you have done,

Thank you for what you’ve been doing,

Thank you for what you will do,

Thank you for my well-being,

Thank you for being there in need,

Thank you again thank you.


Create Your World

You need a world of love, create your World.

You need a world of peace, create your world.

You need a world of true friends, create your world.

You need a world of abundance, create your World.

You need a world of fame, create your world.

You need a world of sympathy, create your world.

You need a world of knowledge, create your world.

You need a world of beauty, create your world.

It begins with you , create your world.


Will miss you my friend,

Your memories on my mind lingers,

Painful groans in my heart,

I miss your flowered words,

Filled with gloom breaking jokes,

Now gone you are no more,

Cant imagine how its gonna be without you,

I feel pain as a friend,

What of your loving children ?

And what of your loving wife ?

They are grieved,

But have no choice,

Than tell you to rest in peace.


My African Darling..

She gazes at me with a grin,

Her white teeth attracts my smile,

The she asks a soft voice,

” How was your day my love?”

She brings her milk in a calabash,

Drink it for my love,

And forget your agonies.

She runs into the hut,

Has no time to waste on stories,

But quickly draws water for me to shower,

“I know you are tired my love, take shower and relax. The day was tough for you”

In love i accept not to disapoint .

O my African darling.

She is busy with house chores,

From a distance i hear her softly sing ,

Soothing our baby to sleep,

But her hands are restlessly working ,

Preparing mats for the market,

o my African darling.

Has stories to tell me,

That her granny taught her,

To love with commitment,

To care for her people,

She amazes me with love,

I will do everything to please her,

My African darling.