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Sweet words from her mouth

Oh what do I say of her words,

They are sweeter than honey,

Softer than fine ointment,

Perfumed than indian fragrance,

They are healing than Russian herbs,

They are powerful than a nigerian charm,

They are soothing than a calm lullaby,

The words of the one you love when in need,

Will make you drank in your world,

And forget your deadly agonies.



Can’t defend myself anymore

Can’t defend myself anymore,

Was a fool to betray her heart pains her more,

Her heart wishes her to show me the door,

For the pain that seers her heart tells her so,

It pains me because her trust is long gone,

Groaning within me to recall her faith back,

What can I do to prove my love for her?

I love her but can’t defend myself anymore.