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Destiny veiled

Everyone has a burning desire to be the best. To live his or her life in fullness, having accomplished all his wishes. However, many wishes are never met because of how things turn round and change the course.

A teen plans to be a celebrity who he gets twenty-five years, at thirty he is yet to become. A young man expects live to begin at forty, when he gets there things are far from his wishes.

Few people have managed to get what they wanted. Some miraculously escaped to achieve higher than expectations, maybe by having correct tools to unmask destiny.

Destiny is veiled and requires tools to unveil. Courage, focus, faith and hard work are some of crucial tools one must have to achieve an expected end.


My God who…

My God who gives,
My God who takes,
My God who truly loves,
My God who carefuly protects,
My God who heals,
My God who comforts,
My God of signs and wonders,
My God the everlasting,
Take care of everything around me and your people,
Amen, amen, amen.